8oz matte black tin filled with your favorite coffee scents.Strong warm coffee scents to fill your house with the smell of your favorite coffee house. Pure soy wax for a clean burn. Burns around 55-60 hours.
COFFEE BEAN smells like roasted, freshly ground coffee beans. Strong coffee scent. 
COFFEE + WHISKEY smells like fresh brewed cup with a shot of whiskey. Warm, with a hint of buttered rum. Best seller! 
ORANGE VANILLA COFFEE smells like fresh orange, sweet creamy vanilla and a hint of coffee. Specialty mix. 
COFFEE HOUSE LATTE smells like creamy sweet cream, caramel, hints of spice and a shot of espresso.
SALTED CARAMEL FRAPPE smells like frosty caramel whip, espresso and a hint of hazelnut 

Coffee House Tins